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1. Pass the costly appetizers so that consumers don’t eat up too many while serving themselves.

2. Have the salads in big bowls with grilled veggies so that they look like quite a lot.

3. Comparison shop when looking for seafood so that you don’t spend too much.

4. The big cubed-cheese platter isn’t necessary since it’s not too popular with cocktails.

5. Ask your catering company to replace the cucumber rounds with heart-shaped artichoke hearts, broccoli flowers and radishes.

6. The plates you use can grab guest attention. In other words, keep the presentation professional as people look at the plates and the food before eating.

7. Have the cheese and macaroni in petite martini glasses, including a few mini grilled cheese portions in-between bread.

8. Keep a Fajita station, Thai station or any other popular themed station type.

9. Pass out some of the wedding finger food favorites – including tequila-cured salmon within a martini glass.

10. Pierogi bars are great too. The bar is a delicious piece of dough that has potato and many other ingredients stuffed within, such as spinach and cheese.

11. A carving station isn’t necessary, and some meats could be too pricey.

12. In case the weather outside is cool, ask the food catering service to serve small cups of clam chowder.

13. If pasta is going to be served with the main food, there’s no need for a pasta station then.

14. Five-course meals are not needed as a three-course meal would do just fine.

15. The salad and appetizer can be combined. For instance, two grilled shrimp and salad go well together.

16. Use cheap sauces for chicken dishes and pasta as the combination is simple, affordable and unique.

17. Offer a gourmet salad including spring greens as most guests prefer that.

18. Boneless braised short ribs are amazingly good, which could be served at the food station.

19. Add a unique touch to the pasta with some goat cheese manicotti.

20. Make a platter comprising grilled shrimp, beef medallions or crab cakes.

21. Serve only those seafood items that are in season as you’ll get them cheap and they’ll also be fresh.

22. Add only those meats to your wedding menu that are selling at a competitive price.

23. Have a vegetarian entree since both the non-vegetarians and vegetarians would appreciate that.

24. Top up simple entrees with colorful vegetables for a gourmet-like appearance.

25. Serve family-style dishes and save money. For instance, serve sliced-up meat or pasta platters.

26. Ensure there are lower-priced dishes as well, so that your wedding photographer(s) and musicians don’t leave the venue empty stomach.

27. Pick a wedding caterer in Melbourne who is willing to offer discounts on food for kids aged below 16 years.

On the Side

28. Dress up your veggie dishes and make them look expensive.

29. Use potatoes to the maximum in your menu. For example, use risotto instead of spuds.

30. Vegetable prices could vary – do some research before buying.

31. Adopt a creative serving style with your salads. For example, have mixed greens servings in those elegant-looking bowls.

32. To save some money, have a menu that kicks out few large courses for many smaller courses.

The Bar

33. Skip the whole bar and only serve beer and wine with a unique signature cocktail.

34. Do not meddle with the expensive liquor variants as the medium-price liquor varieties should do just fine.

35. Use fun garnishes for dressing up your hallmark drinks.

36. Don’t have shots in the bar as the liquor expenses could then shoot the roof.

37. If possible, look for vintage inexpensive wines and beers.

38. Discuss the corkage fee and negotiate for some price reduction.

39. A champagne is not mandatory for the toast – guests can make do with whatever variety of drink they have at their disposal.

40. Have limited timings for the bar, so that the related expenses don’t inflate unnecessarily.

41. Instead of costly liquors, have your guests tasting syrup-flavored dark brews.

Cakes/ Desserts

42. Buy a package that comprises one dessert with the wedding cake.

43. Stick with affordable and regular cake flavors.

44. Get rid of the fee for cake cutting. In case that’s not an option, negotiate the price down.

45. Pick a cake that doesn’t require a lot of effort to make so that you save some dollars on labor.

46. Five-tier tower cakes are great, but three-tier cakes aren’t bad. Most importantly, they cost less.

47. A chocolate fountain and flaming bananas are unnecessary and should not be a part of your plan.

48. Just one simple exotic dessert is good enough.

49. Bite-size desserts, such as small cheesecakes covered with chocolate, are ideal.

50. Dessert drinks can spike your wedding budget by a huge margin. Therefore, replace them with chocolate or coffee floats.

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