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Occasionally, it is difficult to judge by appearance, particularly if your notion of a Rockstar orator is someone with golden permed hair, a muscular physique, ‘guyliner’ with a touch of lipstick, and a cute US accent. The common phrase online that is being used at the moment: “Not all heroes wear capes” could certainly apply to modern Rockstar presenters.

Therefore, if your woman or man has a more understated appearance on stage, what other attributes could you investigate to discover whether they can deliver the material set out? We have interviewed some industry experts, and from that information we have drawn up a crib sheet that will assist all corporate managers in finding the best individual for the role.

Engaging People Should be Shortlisted

Is speaking to the candidate an engaging experience? Are you on tenterhooks waiting to hear their thoughts? While you are interviewing them, are you imagining the voice emanating from their mouth like smooth, warm chocolate?

These two issues are vital, and by themselves they could carry a corporate seminar. By nailing these two issues from the beginning, the following issue becomes almost irrelevant to an extent.

Subject Matter Knowledge

Understanding the subject is a crucial part of presenting seminars, irrespective of whether the presentation covers the tastey corporate finger food (not sure if there has ever been a seminar about this?!)), or how a small business can make more money.

As stated above, being able to engage the audience with words is key in this context, because typically, seminar attendees will be knowledgeable about the subject themselves. A good Rockstar orator will question the audience skillfully, to work them into a state of hysteria!

Strong Leader

Is your orator a taker or a giver? Tony Robbins claims that givers make the best leaders, with the philosophy of asking their audience how they can help them best, in order to assist them when following instructions.

In conjunction with this, all good leaders are excellent listeners, taking on board everything you say and noting the things that you do not say. Men, how many times have you been talking to an irritable girlfriend and ended up puzzled as to the cause of her annoyance? I mention this because it is a fairly common event. In all likelihood, she is hungry – so buy her some nice chocolates!

Even if you are incorrect and it was an action you took a few days ago that irritated her, at least you are trying to help — as a good leader should do. In any case, chocolate normally solves everything right?!

The Presentation Itself

Does your prospective Rockstar have his stuff in order? How thoroughly does he understand what is about to occur? Does he intend to use flat images, or a PowerPoint presentation? If he needs to click through to different screens, will he use a handheld wireless device to do this? If not, would it be wise to consider this?

Perhaps he is making a traditional seminar catering presentation, with just some handouts and a whiteboard. If that is true, keep your fingers crossed that he has readable handwriting and is multiskilled!

Equipment Knowledge

One thing that can be overlooked easily is whether the orator owns a wireless microphone. The majority of Rockstars would. In addition, they would possess excellent microphone technique – avoiding any unwelcome sounds and minimizing feedback.

Some orators make the mistake of putting the microphone too near to their mouths and uttering a consonant too abruptly or loudly. This sends a gust of air through the mic head. Then, the mic detects the low frequency from this and emits a booming noise through the speakers. Anyone who is standing too near to the PA at this point will hear feedback, which can sound like a high pitched unending ring. The methods below are effective at preventing this:

-Turn off the microphone

-Direct the microphone away from any speakers

-Ask the audio technician to kill the volume on your microphone

Can they Walk the Walk?

Anyone making a presentation to an audience will be regarded as an expert. Therefore, feeling as if the presenter is knowledgeable about his industry, and has plenty of experience, is vital to establish rapport and credibility.

Consider whether you would take the advice of your ‘Rockstar’ seriously, if he was holding a seminar about real estate investing, but renting his own home?

Where can These Rockstar Orators be Found?

When it comes to choosing a speaker, Melbourne has many Rockstars to choose from. “But they are not so easy to find”, I hear you say. Frequently, they can be found in unusual places, frightened of being spotted during the day and accosted by paparazzi photographers! OK perhaps not, occasionally you simply have to bang on several doors of wedding celebrants, event planners or current experts in the relevant industry. In any case, there are many places you can look to discover the perfect Rockstar for your event.

Good luck with everything, don’t forget to look for an awesome caterer in Melbourne to help rock this event!

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